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The city that rose from love and was destroyed by hatred!

How many cities can you name, which are built in the name of love? Antigonea, the city that rose from love and was destroyed by hatred. Antigonea was founded around 295 BC by King Pyrrhus (319-272 BC), king of the … Read More

Accursed Mountains

Elusive and formidable, mountains of Albania have forever intrigued. The mysterious mountains in Albania is a place known for its myths and legends. Strange tales are told of this place and has been named the Accursed Mountains. Albania is a … Read More

Travelers can make a difference in places that were already struggling economically before the pandemic.

One of this places is the Village of Qerret in Puka/Albania where one of our partners,@agroturizem_devin, is located.The Village of Qerret is 131 km far from Tirana and 7,5 km from Puka.Local stories tell the village of Qerret took its … Read More

Pelasgian Dodona and the Oracle of Zeus-Sun

The three great sources of knowledge respecting the shrouded part of humanity are the language, the mythology, and the ancient monuments of a country. The Tomorri’s mountain deals with the mythology, strange and mystical superstitions, brought thousands of years ago. … Read More

In the land of the Pomegranates

Pomegranate is deeply rooted in the Albanian culture since the wild pomegranate was domesticated during the Bronze Age, from third to second millennium B.C.In the local language the fruit is called “Shege” as it is called another of our partner @agroturizem_shega located … Read More

How long can an action, production or a system that relies on certain resources (human, economic or natural) last?

It will last for as long as it is designed to and for as long as it is able to replenish the resources it uses.That’s the magic in a seasonal meals preparation. Like it is the “the laknor with walnuts”. … Read More

What makes food sustainable?

Sustainable food doesn’t actually have an official definition. However, in the 1990 Farm Bill, the term “sustainable agriculture” is defined as “an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that will, over the long term do the following: satisfy … Read More