Travelers can make a difference in places that were already struggling economically before the pandemic.

One of this places is the Village of Qerret in Puka/Albania where one of our partners,@agroturizem_devin, is located.
The Village of Qerret is 131 km far from Tirana and 7,5 km from Puka.
Local stories tell the village of Qerret took its name from an area with bushes called Qarr, thus making the connection Qarr-Qerret.

There are famous caves nearby, mountain peaks and paths, crown of forests, lakes, a lot of history and genuine food.

“We need to diversify our locations to avoid mass tourism and focus on the places that can offer a really unusual experience.”
Take action: Turn to #sustainable #tourism to empower #locals and #protect the #environment.

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