Accursed Mountains

Elusive and formidable, mountains of Albania have forever intrigued.

The mysterious mountains in Albania is a place known for its myths and legends. Strange tales are told of this place and has been named the Accursed Mountains.

Albania is a true adventure. With a fierce, rugged mountain range and one of the most spectacular rock formations in Europe.

But it’s a place with a warm heart, where hospitality, pride and tradition are intertwined, and a friendly smile is always a glance away.

Photos and adventures credits:

Ervin Xhakolli aka Xhako Mountain


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Mountains cover about 70% of Albania’s surface area, with its borders contain around 3,445 named peaks, owing to its location amid several Balkan mountain ranges.

The tallest and most prominent of its mountains is Mount Korab, at 2,764m above sea level.

In the Northern Mountain Range are the Albanian Alps, an extension of the Dinaric Alps, within which Jezerca, the second highest peak in Albania.

The Southern Mountain Range, which Cika is the highest peak, beholds a dramatic and diverse landscape of gorges, hills, beaches, canyons, and passes, including the massive Llogara Pass.

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