Pelasgian Dodona and the Oracle of Zeus-Sun

The three great sources of knowledge respecting the shrouded part of humanity are the language, the mythology, and the ancient monuments of a country.

The Tomorri’s mountain deals with the mythology, strange and mystical superstitions, brought thousands of years ago.

The ancient legends led us to believe there was once a period when under the biggest oak in Pelasgian Dodona was built the Oracle of Zeus-Sun and that the whole human family, with one creed and one language, was created here.
It was said that the Oracle (fortune telling) came out from an oak in the shape of a dove and was written on a lead sheet.

It is also believed that an Apple Tree with the magic Fruit of Life, is found inside the Kapinova Cave, near the village Lybeshe and perhaps it is a coincidence that near this cave, there is the Source of Vitalem which in Albanian means the life-giving source.

A lot of Ciclopiche Stones were found at the northside of Tomorri with a lot of symbols engraved on them, from the Tree of Life to the Eden’s snake and the Sun.


All these almost accidental findings should be analyzed by experts, but in Tomorri Mountain, the Mountain of the Gods, the Olympus of the Albanians, stones and trees have started to speak.

– Distance: 2416 meters
– Duration: about 7-8 hours
– Level Difference: 1500 meters
– Getting around: combined (on foot and other means of transportation)
– Level of difficulty: moderate

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