How long can an action, production or a system that relies on certain resources (human, economic or natural) last?

It will last for as long as it is designed to and for as long as it is able to replenish the resources it uses.That’s the magic in a seasonal meals preparation. Like it is the “the laknor with walnuts”.

The laknor with walnuts is a typical phyllo sweet of the region of Pukë and it has been prepared historically for the Buzmi celebrations during Christmas. Marie, the lady behind Agrotourism Devin said that, “rich or poor, no matter their wealth, the Buzmi laknor would be present in all households”. Buzmi is a pre-Christian, pagan celebration announcing the winter solstice and the laknor with walnuts is an important part of the ritual festivities, and as such it can be presented with the full historical background of the dish as a worthy representative of the ancient culture of the region of Pukë.

It’s more than a slow food, it’s the love for the food.

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