In the land of the Pomegranates

Pomegranate is deeply rooted in the Albanian culture since the wild pomegranate was domesticated during the Bronze Age, from third to second millennium B.C.
In the local language the fruit is called “Shege” as it is called another of our partner @agroturizem_shega located in the village of Murriqan, administrative unit of Ana e Malit of Shkodra city.

Ana e Malit is a subdivision of the Municipality of Shkodra with a population of just over 3,500 people. Divided into ten smaller settlements, it comprises mainly small holdings, each blessed with a few acres of land and very fertile land on which to grow a variety of goods.

The early study of the population of the territory of the municipality of Ana e Malit has a special significance for a series of demographic processes. Vestiges testify for the population of the region since late antiquity.

“Tell them that you weren’t hungry, tell them you followed the pomegranates seeds because they tasted like blood, like love.” ― Pauline Albanese, The Closed Doors

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