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GAIA is a tour operator that was born upon the idea of being able to respect the nature, and to learn how to be one with her whenever moving. We believe that sustainable tourism is key to human growth! We need to diversify our choices to avoid mass tourism and focus on the places that can offer a really unique experience.

Beyond Travel

Curated Group Tours & Cultural Travel

Hands on Experience Tours


3 selected tours, characterized by feelings of eternity, will dissolve the borders between self and world.
The Illyrian Culinary


A journey through the beginnings of time in this 9 day Illyricum Trail with The Art of Illyrian Culinary.
the guardians of tradition


Travel with us to discover the stories of farming families that underscores the legacy of sustainability


Explore Albania from North to South and have an unique rural experience.

Cycling tour

Albania Coastal Path

Join us for a 8 day journey of cycling accross the south of Albania.
The Rustic South

Multi Adventure Tour

Explore the South and have an unique rural experience.
Hiking/Tracking Tour

Albanian Highlands

Join us for a 9 day journey of Hiking/Tracking Tour the north of Albania
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