Cycling Across Albania

Cycling Across ALBANIA

Enjoy beautiful rides in this unique region and discover the roads, culture, traditional food and atmosphere of this Southern European hidden gem.

465 km 8 days 2-10 People

Those who ride this path will never forget their experience. Each adventurer takes something unique away from the mythical paths of southern Albania. For some, the thrill lies in the stunning views. They marvel at the myriad of terrains that can be covered on a single coastal path. For others, it's breathtaking wildlife, always at hand. The south is, after all, home to the rare Narta Lagoon flamingos and gray-crested seabirds. But almost everyone will say that it is the stillness they will never forget - a comforting silence and comfort that cities can never give. What will you take from the trip? Find out for yourself.

Cycling grade: Moderate to Challenging

The following is a flexible itinerary offering riders the opportunity to extend or shorten the ride depending on their fitness level.

Vlorë – Ploc – Kalivaç – Tepelenë
Distance: 77km
Max Altitude: 539m
Tepelenë – Bënçë – Progonat – Nivicë – Këlcyrë – Bënjë – Përmet
Distance: 99km
Max Altitude: 980m
Përmet – Gjirokastër
Distance: 60km
Max Altitude: 242m
Gjirokastër - Sarandë
Distance: 66km
Max Altitude: 563m
Sarandë - Himarë
Distance: 66km
Max Altitude: 322m
Himarë – Vlorë
Distance: 70km
Max Altitude: 1030m
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