North Tour

North Tour

If you think that Albania has only gorgeous beaches, think again. The Albanian Alps are amongst the spectacular sites the see in the Balkan trails. Come and visit one of the wildest areas in Europe.


Day 1 - Welcome to Albania
Landing in Albania, you will notice our guide at airport gate waiting for you. We will drive to Shkodra. Shkodra is the largest city in the north. We will visit the caste and get to know with Rozafa Legend, the museum and explore the city.
Dinner in a traditional restaurant with local food.
Day 2 - From Lepushë to Vermosh via Greben
After taking a good rest in Shkodra a short transfer will take us to Vermosh.
Vermosh is hidden in the north of Albania, near the Montenegrin border, Vermosh is the northernmost village in the country. After arriving in Vermosh we will start hiking.

The trail lay between green valleys, forest and on your way you will meet the shepherds and have a little chat with them to learn more about their life. Grebeni peak have a breathing views, surrounded with mountings. Further we will reach the village of Lepusha and spend the evening and overnight there. Lepusha is very famous for the beautiful landscapes. Is considered like small Switzerland of Albania.

Dinner and overnight in Lepushe.
Day 3 - Lepushe – Vuthaj, Amaizing Vajusha
Today we will walk from Lepusha to Gerbaje. This hike is one of the most spectacular ones in Albania. Walking trip from village of Lepusha to Gerbaje (small village, customs ) , (3 hour waliking trip) , driving from Customs to Vuthaj. Trail distance 18.3 km, elevation min: 1300 meter max 1850 m.

Dinner and overnight in Vuthaj.
Day 4 - Vuthaj – Theth
From Vuthaj, we will head towards Theth and cross the border back to Albania. Waliking trip Trail distance 21.3 km, Elevation min: 130 meter max 1750 meter, Difficulty level Moderate.

Dinner and overnight in Thethi
Day 5 - Exploring National park of Thethi
Theth is located in the eponymous Theth National Park, or Parku Kombëtar i Thethit, as it’s known in Albanian. After the breakfast we will start the hiking to visit Grunasi Waterfall, Nderlyse and the Blue eye. A short transfer will bring us to Thethi again to spend the night.
Day 6 - Valbona Pass
Thethi to Valbona is a trek that takes you from one idyllic alpine village to another. It’s one of the most spectacular day track in Europe. This will be a day to remember. Be prepare for amazing shooting.

Arriving in Valbona and accommodate in a nice guest house to spend the night.
Day 7 -Exploring Valbona, Hike Rosi.
Today we will spend the day in Valbona. In the morning we will start hiking Rosi mounting and have a tea or a raki at a shepherd house surrounded by mounting.

In the evening you can enjoy free time before the dinner.
Day 8 - Koman Lake, Tirana
Early in the morning we will have a short transfer to Fierza and take a ride boat to Koman. Be aware, even during the hot summer months it can be pretty chilly especially in the early morning so bring something warm and enjoy the ride.

A transfer will bring us to Tirana to explore the capital with a city tour. Dinner and overnight in Tirana.
Day 9 - Leaving Albania
Free time before departure
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