About Us

About Us

About us

GAIAlbania was born from the love for nature, people, animals and the taste of the earth, GAIAlbania is a responsible travel concept aimed at promoting sustainable tourism. We know how important tourism is for human development and we recognize the need for tourism to be sustainable and also beneficial to the communities that are involved.

Sustainable tourism

Our trips do not just focus on major cities; we visit smaller realities and even the most remote areas where there is no mass tourism; thereby opening up opportunities for small communities to engage in the tourism without losing the tradition. Our partners convey our philosophy and they are also a vehicle for peace, diversity and coexistence of cultures.

What we believe in

Despite his sedentarization, man maintains a nomadic spirit with the curiosity to explore, to embrace different cultures and habits. Travel is not a rational activity, is food for the soul! Tourism allows us to understand and learn from other cultures. We believe in diversity and that tourism contributes to peace, coexistence, tolerance and respect for the different people who inhabit our planet.